Monday, January 17, 2011

She's Happy =)

Hey let me tell about a girl I know
Sittin in her room one day starin out the window
She made a mad low beat grab the old pencil and
She tapped on her lap and made her own tempo
Time went by all night she wrote
She heard her older sister yelling at her through the door
Your mama said u betta come on before your food get cold
But she kept on writing tell the pencil broke

Ain't no need for u to worry
Ain't no need for u to cry
Ain't no need to be discourage
You can see it in her eyes
Don't worry
Cause she's happy(she's happy)
Ain't no need for u to worry
Ain't no need for u to trip
U can tell just by her swagger
That u know shes stacking chips
Don't worry
She's happy
She comes outside of the corner store
Her and her friends singing songs with the radio
She will pretend she was performing at a sold out show
And the people stopped and listen then they asked for more
She came in first in the talent show
Her fam went on and on about it the whole ride home
She said I've never got so many compliments before
Her momma said girl u gonna make it baby I just know

She heard about a site that was called ********
Her cousin told her you should put up all the songs you made
Next thing you know she got hundreds and thousands of plays
And got notice by a guy(ewan) that heard her voice in Alibaba
They flew her first thing out to some places

They had her sing of few songs I guess she did okay
Now she doing fine and well on her way
Yeah I guess you figured out that girl is me...


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